Monday, June 20, 2011

End of the year animal poems

After having done research on local animals in the school library and written down important facts about animals, the students in Solana's class chose animals and filled out an alphabet chart with words they knew about that animal. After that, they wrote poems about their animal, and were encouraged to use "ing" words to show action. They were allowed to use any kind of punctuation they chose, just like real poets do. Many of the poems ended with an animal running away from a predator to safety: I'm not sure if this was modeled, if they saw other classmates writing this way, or if it was just something that stood out to students from the research. Each student had one poem published in a class book, which they illustrated and read aloud to parents at an end of year celebration. I thought this was a great way to combine a research project with poetry. Here are Solana's poems:

Guinea Pigs Galore

Cavy smelling
guinea pigs running...
For shelter and shade
pink nose twitching,
White teeth chomping
Tasty cucumbers
Chewing, chewing,
Guinea pigs eating
Sipping water,
Chomping carrots,
Tiny pink paws running.
baby guinea pigs
run everywhere
sipping milk
No tail
Tiny claws,
Scribbling, scrabbling, ears listening
Cat coming!
running for shelter,
Hooray! Shade!

From egg to robin
Mother robin
witing for a hatchling
baby robin
Growing feathers
Lots of feathers
Learns to fly...
Flap! Flap
gets a liftoff
Growing, Growing
Building a new nest
Blue, bright eggs
Small babies
yummy! worms!

Running from a fox
Squirrel storing
yummy seeds
having babies soon
Yikes! It's a fox!
run to your den
eight babies at last!

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