Monday, September 10, 2012

Experiential/digital learning at Chicago museums

We visited several museums in Chicago this summer: I was impressed with how the museums incorporated technology into learning experiences for children. Solana created the above postcard at the Chicago History Museum by taking a photo of herself and then selecting contemporary and historic images of Chicago to fill in the other letters.

At the Children's Museum "Skyline" experience, we used provided materials and worked in a space in front of an automatic camera as a team to create our own skyscraper. Afterward, we narrated the steps of our process and our reflections to go along with images that were snapped of us working. Then, when we got home, we could view the digital story on the museum's web site. Both were fun, fairly brief learning experiences that instantly incorporated digital sharing as well as narration and reflection in the second experience-- something to think about for the school year.

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